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Pan and Tilt Camera With ESP32-CAM L0Cost Robot Controller

There are lots of Pan and Tilt projects published online and this one has been written to demonstrate the L0Cost robot project which aims to provide robot designs which can be built for $20. The L0Cost robot controller has a basic inbuilt interface for common implementations and this is the basic two pin servo setup being used for a pan and tilt mechanism for the whole ESP32-CAM.

It’s shown with the basic lipo power supply module published as another instructable.


- ESP32-CAM with psram
- L0Cost Robot software
- Micro SDcard (4Gb or less)
- 3D printed mechanism though an off the shelf mechanism could be used.
- Solderable Dupont compatible PCB pins and sockets
- Stripboard
- Female-Female Dupont jumper wires
- ESP32-CAM-MB to make programming easier
- USB cable with microUSB connector suitable for your PC or laptop
- Access to a 3D printer to make bracket, though a blob of blue tack might work equally as well.
- L0Cost Robot power supply, or other similar 5V supply”

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