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There is no good reason for this to exist. There is however a festering reason. A couple of years ago, LVL1 Hackerspace hosted a Hack-a-thon for useless and/or impractical devices. With only 48 hours, this was outside the scope of completion. The idea remained dormant until this year.

Parts List:
4 x Me Arm Open Source Robot
1 x Dissection Kit
1 x SparkFun Blynk Board
1 x 4 Line Voltage Level Shifter
1 x ESP32-Cam w/ OV2640 camera
1 x PCA9685 12-bit 16-PWM Servo Controller Board
4 x Cat6 RJ45 Surface Mount Box - 1 Port
2 x Cat6 RJ45 Surface Mount Box - 2 Port
4 x Cat5e Cables (3ft.)
1 x 5v/3.3V DC Power Supply
1 x 6v DC Power Supply (Servos)”

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