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Have you ever needed some extra USB ports when creating a project with a Raspberry Pi Zero? Were external USB hubs or HATS just not an option due to the space constraints of your project? If you answered yes to these questions, or you just want a fun soldering project that will yield you something useful, then this project is for you!

I’m always trying to cram Raspberry Pis into different things for my projects, and a few of the latest things I’ve been working use a Pi Zero and just don’t have the space for a USB Hub/HAT. I’ve looked around online and there are sites that sell tiny USB hub boards like this, but they are pretty expensive. So I decided to make my own board that is fairly easy to assemble and requires only 6 cheap components. There is a 2 port version (pictured) that is about the size of a fingertip, and a 4 port version that is slightly bigger. I’ve shared the boards on OSH Park and you can order them here:

(Update: I am working on two new layouts of the board that include separate power and ground connections for each USB connection. I am waiting to receive my test boards and I will share them after I verify they’re working correctly. For now you can still get the older layout from the pictures.)

2 Port Version (old layout) –

2 Port Version (new layout) – COMING SOON!

4 Port Version (new layout) – COMING SOON!

OSH Park sells PCBs in quantities of 3 and also offers FREE shipping. You can get 3x of the 2 port boards for $2.60 shipped. That is seriously cheap! After you purchase a board from OSH Park they will also give you the option to order a stencil from OSH Stencils–more on that later.”

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