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so this my HEXALEAF setup which is basically a DIY Nanoleaf made by combining 6 of these PCBs together in a hexagon shape.

The goal here was to make a Cheap yet functional Nanoleaf like Light without using a 3D printer! one option was to make the Nanoleaf structure from Plastic Cardboard but it was a long and messy process that involves craft skills so I ditched that idea and made a super simple PCB version.

the star of this project is this Nanoleaf PCB which I made in such a way that it has VCC Din and GND pads on one end and VCC Dout and GND on another end,

when a signal starts from this PCB, the Signal gets transfer from the first PCB to the Second through these Din and Dout pads soldered together and this process goes on and on. so by this, we can prepare this setup in many shapes like triangle, square, hexagon, etc..”

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