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OK, I know there are so many such weather stations available everywhere, but take a few minutes to see the difference…

Low power
2 e-paper displays…
but 10 different screens !
ESP32 based
accelerometer and temperature / humidity sensors
Wifi update
3D printed case
and lots of other useful tricks…

The main idea is to display various information on both displays depending on the orientation of the box. The case is in the shape of a parallelepipedic box, a paving stone, with a kind of belt that serves as a foot.

As you can see, the system consists of 2 e-paper screens and a 3D printed box. But there’s a lot of things in it:

An ESP32
One MPU6050 accelerometer
A DHT22 sensor
A LiPo battery
A PCB to connect the whole thing
Homemade duPont threads
and a Wi-Fi connection. In fact 3 networks are declared, the system tests them one by one until it succeeds in connecting.”

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