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Everyone knows the game “I Spy” from his childhood. Let’s build an electronic version with the Arduino.
For the prototype you need an Arduino (I’m using an Arduino Uno here), a color sensor, a display (with I2C connector so you don’t have to use so much pins), a piezo buzzer and four buttons. And of course some cables and resistors.
The game works like this: The first player looks for an object in the room in one of the four colors red, yellow, green or blue. Then he presses the corresponding button. The second player then has to find an item in this color. If he doesn’t find it within a certain period of time, the first player has to prove that this item exists and didn’t bluff. Then the player changes.

- Arduino Uno
- Breadboard
- I2C LCD Display
- Color Sensor
- Piezo Buzzer
- 4 10kΩ Resistors
- 4 Buttons
- Jumper Wires (male/male, male/female)”

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