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Controller for 3 Magnetic Loop Antennas With Endstop Switch

This project is for those ham amateurs who don’t have a commercial one . It’s easy to build with a soldering iron, a plastic case and a little knowledge of arduino.The controller is made with budget components you can find easily in Internet (~20). The main component is a cnc shield that fits over an Arduino Uno. Both made a compact, small and cheap controller.
This controller can work without endstop switches because you can manually control the 0 position and the upper limit.
- New revision of the software ver 1.0 04/03/2020 fixed some bug.
- Some improvements in the code - timer for every function
- Capable up to 3 different antennas.
- Endstop switch capable with endstop.
- Auto zero function
- Range of 64000 steps for moving every antenna.
- Microstepping capability 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/16 or even more depending on the pololu stepper control.
- 3 memory banks with 14 programmable memories for antenna (42 memories).
- Programmable upper limit for every antenna.
- backlash compensation from 0 to 200 - speed control
- Microstepping compensation
- Power supply 12V
Supplies:Incremental optical encoder
CNC shield v3 with arduino UNO
LCD LCD-1602 + I2C IIC 5V para arduino
5 push buttons
Endstop switch
Added STL files por 3d printing at the end of this article
-the platform for adapting the arduino UNO to whatever case you have
-the nkob por the rotary encoder.
The links I have done are only examples. Needless to say that you can buy wherever you want.”

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