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Powered by a Raspberry Pi 3, Open CV object recognition, Ultrasonic sensors and geared DC motors. This rover can track any object it is trained for and move on any terrain.

In this Instructables, we are going to build an Autonomous Mars Rover which can recognize objects and track them using the Open CV software running on a Raspberry Pi 3 with an option to use a webcam device or the original raspberry pi camera. It is also equipped with an Ultrasonic sensor mounted on a servo to track its way in dark environments where camera wouldn’t work. Signals received from Pi are sent to the motor driver IC (L293D) which drives 4 x 150RPM DC motors mounted on a body built with PVC pipes.

Materials Required

Raspberry Pi (Any but zero)
Raspberry PI Camera or a webcam
L293D motor driver IC
Robot Wheels (7x4cm) X 4
Geared DC Motors (150RPM) X 4
PVC pipes for chassis
Software required

Putty for SSH ing the Pi
Open CV for object recognition”

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