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Rechargeable Digital Foosball Scoreboard Using ESP8266

Imagine a digital scoreboard which is updated automatically when the ball enters the goal and play a beep sound!

Since we bought a foosball table, I have been thinking about digital score board which will be automatically updated when a goal is scored rather than manually moving those rings. While doing a research on available sensors in the market, I came across with IR Beam sensor which fits perfect for this use case. This comes with two parts - a sender and a receiver. Whenever there is something in between them, circuit is opened. This is very accurate in my opinion even if the obstacle is just a fraction of seconds. Please note - as this is IR sensor, it does not work in bright sunlight.

The rest of the setup is pretty normal as you will find in most of the IoT projects. I have used a 18650 battery with TP4046 module so that you can recharge your batter over USB. No need to bring out the battery every time you need to charge.”

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