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Alternately Occluding Dichoptic  Modifier of Stereoscopic Transmission 32  - STM32F103C8T6+STMAV340 VGA Superimposer

For some time Ive been working on a successor to to the original AODMoST. New device uses faster and better 32-bit microcontroller and faster analog video switch. It allows to AODMoST 32 to work with higher resolutions and implement new functionalities. Device can now also be powered by USBs 5V voltage.
Biggest new feature is implementation of simple patterned image mask for one eye and inverse patterned mask for the other one, similar to the one presented in this article: Dichoptic movie viewing treats childhood amblyopia. There are also more customization options for the shape, position and constant randomization of those parameters.
I should point out that I havent implemented all the ideas I had, and the firmware can be further developed. But I anticipate that due to socioeconomic issues I wont be able to work on this project in the foreseeable future, so I am publishing it as it is. Firmware can now work with 3D content in Top Bottom and Side by Side formats and was tested with Nvidia GPU equipped PC and Xbox 360.

Parts and materials:

STM32F103C8T6 microcontroller (LQFP-48)
74AC00 quad NAND gate (SOIC-14, 3.9mm narrow)
STMAV340 analog video switch (TSSOP-16)
LM1117-3.3 voltage regulator (TO-263)
3x BC817 transistor (SOT-23)
3x white 3mm LED
2x diffused yellow 3mm LED
diffused red 3mm LED
2x diffused blue 3mm LED
diffused green 3mm LED
8 MHz crystal (HC49-4H)
micro USB type B female connector (note that there are many types of them, and some might not be compatible with the holes in the PCB design, you can skip USB altogether, as USB is used only as 5V power supply)
2x D-SUB 15 pin right angle female VGA connector (note that there are many types, and you need longer version with pins that will mach holes in the PCB)
2 pin 2.54mm straight male pin header
3 pin 2.54mm straight male pin header
11x 6x6mm tactile switch buttons SMD/SMT
2x 10 uF 16V Case A 1206 tantalum capacitor
10x 100 nF 0805 capacitor
2x 15 pF 1206 capacitor
3x 1k ohm trimpot 6mm
3x 10k 1206 resistor
4x 4k7 1206 resistor
3x 2k7 1206 resistor
2x 1k 1206 resistor
3x 470 ohm 1206 resistor
3x 75 ohm 1206 resistor
3x 10 ohm 1206 resistor
double sided copper clad board (79.375x96.901mm at least)
few pieces of copper wire (especially something with small diameter like 0.07mm might come in handy if are going to repair broken track next to leads of LQFP microcontroller)

diagonal cutter
flat-bladed screwdriver
utility knife
center punch
small needle
1000 grit dry/wet sandpaper
paper towels
saw or other tool that can cut PCB
4x 0.8mm drill bit
1mm drill bit
3mm drill bit
drill pres or rotary tool
sodium persulfate
plastic container and plastic tool that can be used to take PCB out of etching solution
brown packing tape
insulating tape
soldering station
conical fine-point soldering tip
chisel soldering tip
soldering flux (I used RMA class, flux gel intended for SMT assembly and repairs, that came in 1.4 cm^3 syringe)
desoldering wire
laser printer
glossy paper
clothes iron
cream cleaner
rubbing alcohol
permanent maker
ST-LINK/V2 (or clone of it) + cables that can connect it to AODMoST 32 + software that can make use of the programmer”

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