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Analumi_Clock V3

Part of the process of making the Analumi-Clock was experimenting with different display mediums.

In this version the display medium was a 3D printed photo luminescent transluscent disc.

The intention was this would to be lit from the back using the same UV LED’s

In order to retain compatibility with the previous version the display disc would be the same size as a CD and be a push fit on to the motor spindle. This meant that the disc and the axle could be printed as one complete unit.

Only one photo luminescent filament was evaluated and this was compared to the photo luminescent paper, regarding initial intensity, clarity and light decay.

This version used the same hardware and software from the previous Analumi-Clock with very minor changes.

The same motor support board with pre existing LED mounting holes is used, MOSFET pull downs are used to diferentiate between hours and minutes hands and the display disc complete with axle and is 3D printed as one complete unit with Luminous Filament. A shield is added to eliminate light eminating from behind the display disc and the same existing dial is used but turned around to put the LED support behind the display disc.

- Microbit V2 (preferred due to built in speaker, V1 will work but will require external sounder)
- Servobit
- 5V stepper motor with ULN2003 driver board
- Pinbetween
- DS3231 RTC
- Micro USB to 5V breakout
- Jumper Jerky F/F - Qty 9
- Jumper Jerky Junior F/F - Qty 20
- Jumper Jerky Junior F/M - Qty 2
- Pin Header right angle - Qty 42
- Straight 2 row headers (7 x 2), 14 pins
- Hall sensor
- 20pin DIL IC socket
- Resistor 10k - Qty 2
- Resistors 220R - Qty 8
- Capacitor 100nF MLC - Qty 32
- 74HC541 Octal Buffer IC
- BS270 NFET - Qty 3
- Stripboard
- LED UVA 3mm - Qty 8
- Switch SPST
- 3 pin terminal block, 2.54mm pitch
- 22 SWG tinned copper wire
- Screws M2
- M2 screws 6mm - Qty 2
- M2 Bolts 8mm - Qty 2
- M2 Bolts 6mm - Qty 2
- Bolts M3
- M3 Bolts 8mm - Qty 6
- M3 Bolts 6mm - Qty 18
- M2 spacers 10mm - Qty 4
- Hex standoffs M3
- M3 Hex spacers 5mm - Qty 8
- M3 Hex spacers 10mm - Qty 6
- 3d Printer
- Photo Luminescent Filament
- Ball magnet 3mm
- PCB mounting block - Qty 4”

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