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3D Printed Berlin Uhr

Once in the year 1980 I was young and handsome. Now I’m only and. One a school trip to Berlin I saw a beautiful digital clock with a futuristic design. I decided right away to build this clock myself. This was the time before the introduction of the Commodore C64. Over the years that followed I have made this clock now for the third time. With evolving home equipment I have tried to make a better version every time. However the first on de Kuhrfurstendam has always been the best.

The dot on top blinks with the seconds. The lowest bar show 1 light per 1 minute. The second bar from the bottom shows a light every 5 minutes, the third bar show 1 hour per light and the last bar show a light every 5 hours.

So the clock in the title image show 10:31 (24H) because

1 minute + 6 times 5 minutes + zero hours + 2 times 5 hours.

How hard can it be.

On Wikipedia is a fine article on the clock, see the link below”

Link to article