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Ello Lc1

World’s thinnest fully standalone DIY computer - 2mm!!

I find annoying to see systems claiming “credit card computer” while at the same time being as thick as 50-60 actual credit cards. With this project I wanted to build a something that truly fits that name and make the thinnest possible system entirely at home without relying on any advanced equipment for assembly.

This one is a native 8-bit system, unlike most other who use 32-bit processors to emulate 8-bit computers.
It is as simple as it can be - only 9 components, PCB and a battery!

I wrote a “Bitling BASIC” interpreter for it, which came to be a very efficient one, and can work on extremely minimalistic systems with as little as 2K memory. and includes an extended set of BASIC keywords is supported, plus a built-in text editor and file system.

ELLO LC1 uses PIC18 with 13K RAM and 128K flash, out of which 64K are reserved as user file storage.
The display is 20x4 text panel EADOGM204N from Display Visions, and the keyboard is made on the PCB as touch”

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