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Arduino Synthesizer

This is a multi-voice programmable synthesizer built from an Arduino Pro Micro. The voices come from Arduino output pins programmed to produce square waves and pulse waves. One of these pins is used to subject an external audio input to unique distortions. All the voices are combined with mixer and modulation circuitry creating a wide variety of crazy timbres.
USB MIDI Control over the Synthesizer can be set up using the USBMIDI.h Library.

- Arduino Pro Micro from Sparkfun Electronics (5volt version).
- A gutted Mix800 Mixer box from Ebay that has most of the needed pots and switches.
- Two LM358 op amp chips
- One Intersil CA3046 NPN transistor chip.
- Sockets for the Pro Micro and the three chips.
- Circuit board.
- Two 5k or 10k pots.
- Two 100k or 50k pots.
- Two red LEDs.
- Two pushbutton switches.
- Misc. resistors and capacitors.
- USB cable for the Arduino.
- Optional 9 volt power wart.”

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