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I love MIDI Controllers! They are some of the coolest yet most powerful devices for controlling mixed media - traditionally used to connect to music software (like Ableton Live) to play virtual instruments as well as control effects - but can also be used with VJ software (like Resolume), and even lighting control programs (like Lightjams)!

If you haven’t already, check out the above video to see the finished DIY MIDI controller in action with Ableton! ☝️☝️ And as a bonus, here’s me VJ’ing using the controller.

The exercise of completing this project helped me to gain the skills to grow from a Novice Tinkerer to at least an Intermediate one. It really got my feet wet in the world of Arduino, electronics, and even some product design. I hope that it would do the same for you!

This project is great for anyone who…

… wants to understand what’s under the hood for MIDI Controllers
… is getting started with Arduino, and looking for a fun project to grow your skills
… is on a budget, but still want to build a cool piece of gear (MIDI Controllers can be pretty expensive)
… wants to learn more about electronics
… would like to learn how to customize your own MIDI Controller layout
… is curious about how electronics can make music, effect video, etc…
… simply loves MIDI Controllers as much as I do!
So let’s dive in!”

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