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Hi everyone,
Today I’m going to share my first Arduino project with you. I’m a Belgian multimedia student and for the course physical computing and digital making, we had to experiment at home with a project of our choice. I’m a huge plant lover, so why not do something to keep them happy?
This project consists of:
- A DIY soil moisture sensor with RGB led
- A liquid crystal display to indicate the status of your plant
- A way to automate the watering of your plant, based on the readings.
I learned a lot from this project and I hope I can help you with your challenges.


What you’ll need for this project:
- An Arduino UNO
- Breadboard (I used two small ones)
- Nuts and bolts
- A lot of jumper wires
- 1x RGB led
- 4x 330 ohm resistor (220 ohm is also fine)
- 1x 10k ohm resistor
- 1x potentiometer
- 1x liquid crystal display
- 1x Servo Motor
- USB cable
- hard plastic you put holes through to keep your nuts and bolts about 2.5 centimetres apart.”

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