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This is my DIY Studio Light Project

Which basically is a do-it-yourself studio light that is made from a custom 3D Printed body and a custom PCB which were both provided by PCBWay.
Is it better to Buy an expensive Studio Light or Make your own DIY Studio Light with custom 3D Printed parts and PCB?
Well, the goal for making this project was just that, I wanted to make a DIY Studio Light for my current “Maker Setup” as the lighting in my lab bench is not very great.
Commercially available light costs above 50$ (good ones) but why spend money on them when you can make your own Studio Light, Body can be made from a 3D Printer and the circuit can be manufactured by a PCB manufacturer.
In this Instructables, I’m gonna show you guys how I made this DIY Studio Light in few easy steps.
Let’s Get started!

These are the things that I used for this built

1.5 Ohms Resistance 1206 Package
0.47 Ohms Resistance 1206 Package
100uf Capacitor
63uH Indictor
SS34 Diode SMA
DC Barrel Jack
Custom PCB (which was provided by PCBWAY)
Custom 3D Printed body
SIC9301A led driver IC x2
12V DC FAN (Generic small one)
12V SMPS Power Supply”

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