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DIY Arduino + GY-906 Infrared Thermometer

Follow this project to make an infrared thermometer by yourself!

The infrared thermometer can measure the surface temperature of an object. Its advantage is non-contact temperature measurement, which can conveniently and accurately measure the temperature of a remote object.

Now I’m going to introduce the materials, tools and manufacturing methods needed to make an infrared thermometer.

List of materials
Arduino Nano × 1
Touch button × 1
Resistance (5K ohm, 200 ohm) × 1
5V laser transmitter × 1
Dual-control switch × 1
OLED 0.96 ″ screen × 1
GY-906 temperature sensor
MLX90614 sensor with capacitance or resistance × 1
9V battery × several
3D printer × 1
PLA printing supplies × several”

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