Auto watering the plant and tracking plant’s health through Helium and Microsoft Azure IoT.

Gardening might be a fun hobby for some, but for many others it’s much of a hassle to deal with. In this article I am writing a simple guide on how to build a smart IoT plant that would send sensor data to Azure IoT Hub and storing over Azure SQL via Azure functions, at the same time both auto and remotely control water for the plant.

Helium IoT Hub connects to Azure IoT Hub in a seamless fashion, in this article we will explain how the entire process works. Since the entire project is serverless, the only code needed for the entire process to work is just Azure Function and Arduino code.

Step 1: Gather Components
We are building a simple product using

Arduino UNO
SEEED Grove Base shield
Helium Atom + Helium Element with Helium Arduino Breakout board
A pump
Temperature/Humidity sensor, Moisture Sensor, UV Light Sensor
Grove OLED Display”


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