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Ultra Small Ethernet + RP2040 Board Production Record

WIZNET W5100S + Seeed Studio XIAO-RP2040

I have done a lot of projects related to RP2040. We always used the Pico board to proceed. I used a lot of W5100S-EVB-Pico, an Ethernet-enabled board in Pico. Now, I want to make a smaller and more efficient board than this board and proceed with the project.

WIZnet W5100S

W5100S is a TCP/IP Ethernet chip.The W5100S helps the MCU communicate easily via SPI.

The circuit was designed simply. I just added two headers to fit the XIAORP2040 board into the W5100S Chip circuit. It was important to note that we had to match the pinmap and the porting of the nRST.

The biggest advantage of the XIAO-RP2040 board is that it is compact, so the W5100S-XIAO board was also made compact. As a result, the length and impedance matching of the differential pair line had no choice but to give up.(But I got it right to some extent. As much as I can)”

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