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You can make your own POST card (BIOS POST code reader) using the Raspberry Pi Pico. It can also be used as an LPC bus sniffer. I covered everything about the LPC bus for reading POST codes in the video above.

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I usually use old or junk parts on my projects to reduce electronic waste and support the SDGs. I was working on a project to reuse an x86-based firewall that I came across in an online auction. And I found myself reading BIOS post-codes. I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about how the LPC bus and I/O cycles work by making a BIOS POST code reader project. So, here we are.

Features / Fixes
- LPC bus sniffer
- POST code output to USB CDC
- POST code output to the LEDs
- Filter LPC I/0 frame with start, cycle/dir and address
- Abort frame support
- Defining pin bases and counts (Refactoring)
- Disabling pull-ups and pull-downs”

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