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Having watched many science fiction movies over my lifetime, I was a bit disappointed when smart speakers were released in form factors designed to make them inconspicuous. Where were the flashing lights that accompanied Colossus of the Forbin Project fame, the WOPR from “War Games”, and the console that Gary Seven used in the Star Trek episode “Assignment: Earth”? I decided to repackage my front-firing new Echo Pop from Amazon into something more suitable (to me).


- Sound Sensor Module Microphone Light Sensor Controller Relay Delay Switch Module
- Cookie Tin or suitable enclosure (I used a 10” cookie tin, $1 from a garage sale)
- Amazon Echo Pop or smart speaker of choice
- 12VDC Wall Wart power supply for the LED’s and sensor module
- 3 12V pre-wired Solid Color LED’s (Amazon, assortment)
- 9 Flashing 12V pre-wired LED’s (
- Solid color cardboard “Presentation Board” (Hobby Lobby or maybe Office Depot)
- 3 pieces of Fasade J Trim 0.33-in W x 18-in L Brushed Nickel PVC Tile Edge Trim (Lowes Home Improvement)
- Toggle Switch, any type. Only need to use for on/off for a 12V line.
- 2 two-inch carriage bolts with nuts
- Wire
- Solder and/or small wire nuts
- Hot Glue, RTV Silicone Sealant….
- Tin Snips, maybe a hole saw
- Drill”

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