DIY pseudo-BGA

Man, I hate drilling holes in PCBs. I make my boards with a mill, so it shouldnt be too hard to swap the V-cutting bit for a drill bit, but I Just. Cant. Be. Arsed. And besides, I like making things as small and slimline and dinky as possible. The little PCB above is a backpack for an LCD. Couldnt avoid having to drill holes along the top to connect to the LCD itself, but everything else can be surface mounted. But sometimes you need a way to connect, say, an nRF transceiver, or one of those newfangled ESP8266 WIFI module to your PCB, and they come already fitted with a pin header. And that would mean drilling more holes, and having the module standing off the board slightly. Yuck. So heres my hacky approach. First, design your PCB so the pads are on the top of your board, rather than the bottom: were going to take advantage of the fact the little transceivers are always double-sided boards, with through-hole plated holes.”


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