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Customizable Hammond Style Box

These enclosures have the same inner and outer dimensions as their Hammond counter parts. The holes in the lid are not going through the whole lid, instead only 3mm into it. This boxes are intended to be used with magnets as closing mechanics instead of the screws. The Body part takes four 3mm Diameter and 10mm height screws. The top takes four 4mm Diameter 3mm height magnets. Those same magnets may be used with the original Hammond boxes since they fit the holes, but they need to be glued into place. With the 3D printed part they should simply press fit. With the original boxes you should also consider a 6mm Diameter 1mm height magnet to cover the magnet in the lid. Testing sizes: First print test.stl and make sure the wall sizes and holes for the magnet fit your printer settings. If they do, good you can use all the available boxes. Each box has the following stls: Both: Body and lid; Body: only the body; Lid: only the lid; If they do not, open the customizer and adjust the values as needed. The offsets are offsets from the original size. The attached stl’s are rendered from the customizers default settings.”

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