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Polyhedron CC~ish Subdivision Demo OPENSCAD

This is a remix of the hex bit holder by TBRIshtar : - thanks TBRIshtar! This remix mimics the original as close as possible but has the following features: Almost fully parametric; Any number of rows and columns, still keeping the edge rows open on the sides. This is nice if the hex shank has the bit size stamped on it. Footer height can be adjusted; Wall height can be adjusted; Allows easy scaling in the X and Y directions if your printer causes the hex holes to be too tight, like mine does. I use the OpenSCAD fillets lib by jhfbrook for filleting the edges - Thanks jhfbrook! The Holder() module takes all dimensional parameters as arguments, so can easily be used from other SCAD files. The original size of the holder by TBRIshtar are the defaults, but simply override any dimensions you want in subsequent variables of the same name, or change the originals. Another quick way to generate STLs for any size is from the command line: $ openscad -o output.stl -Dcolumns=7 -Dfoot=3 -D scl=1 bitHolder.scad Note when using the command line you must supply the scl variable if you do not want any scaling. This is because the file overrides the default scale from 1.0 to a scaling I use on my printer. The same goes for height and foot. On Github:”

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