Xpider -- the smallest smart robot spider in the world

The Xpider project is the smallest smart robot spider in the world. It used Intel Edison platform which is a tiny pc. It contains some cool functions. For example, it can be controlled by your mobile phone, it has the camera, can make you watch through the FPV view on the robot, thus you will know what your pets seen. And also the camera can be used for computer vision to recognize some simple geometric pictures even human face. And I embedded a graphical programming tool in the Edison platform. So you can program this robot yourself. The most funny thing is that you can train this small robot by some simple neural network algorithm. That make you can custom the only one Xipder for yourself. The main parts of Xpider were printed by 3D printer, PLA material. and the attached file is the stl file for all the printed parts. Please feel free to download it and make your own Xpider”


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