This is a 3D Printable Robot Arm. It may need a bit more time to build one, than your normal weekend Project. But the build process is one thing, the application environment the other. And that is what it is all about. Learning, combining and developing custom applications. The design goal for me was to build a Robot, which is stiff and strong, but still small and easy to handle. I used the common NEMA17 Step Motors, which provide enough power for fast movements and high precision. Almost every moveable joint has at least one ball bearing to reduce friction, overall stability and accuracy. The robot is designed to have a low center of mass. The robot is powered over a Computer Power Supply (12V). The gripper is easy to replace and is held horizontally in every position, which simplifies programming and also reduces the cost and complexity of additional axies. Most parts have a industrial look like cast Iron parts.”


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