First off a big thanks to Miria Grunick who originally developed this and Simon Law who modified the code to work on the arduino rather than a teensy. Miria’s site is at Simon’s site is at Two of my boys are twins who are now just over one year old and getting into the age of exploring everything and loving lights which go on and off, my lamps can attest to that. After i saw Miria’s project i searched for an Ardunio version and stumbled on Simon’s version which has been modified for the Arduino. I set about acquiring the parts and planning how i would build my own version. The arduino code can be downloaded at code. I take no credit for the code as it’s all Miria’s and Simon’s work. I’d love a laser cutter and think it would give my projects that professional edge and polished look. I’m starting to make more electronic toys for my little boys so a laser cutter would allow me to make even more creative designs.”


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