Let’s build an arduino based controller that controls a steppermotor and a camera shutter. Together with a steppermotor driven turntable, this is a powerful and low cost system for automated 360 product photography or photogrammetry. The automatic camera shutter is based on a great library from Sebastian Setz and works for infrared triggered cameras of Nikon, Canon, Minolta, Olympus, Pentax, Sony.
I’ve prepared two versions of the controller:
A basic version that is operated with a simple pushbutton and a status led. An advanced version that uses a 16x2 LCD + keypad shield and thus has a menu to change the variables on the fly and not only in the sourcecode.What does the controller do?
If you trigger a photoshooting by pushing the button, the turntable performs a full revolution, divided into a predefined amount of steps. After each rotation step, the controller makes a short break and then triggers the camera. You will be able to change the variables of the rotation speed, the delay time and the number of steps in the source code (for simple controller version) or in the display menu (advanced controller version).”


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