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An “Omni-wheel” only has traction in the direction of rotation.

This instructable explains how to make an XY plotter from three Omni-wheels, three NEMA 17 stepping motors, an Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller, an SG90 servo, and an HC-06 bluetooth module.

The plotter is a three-wheel version of the four-wheel plotter described in my instructable…

The metal-work in this new design is much simpler and has been kept to a minimum … all you need is a screw-driver, two drills, a rat-tail file, and a sharp knife.

The plotter has an on-board interpreter that recognises the g-code output from “Inkscape”. All that is required is an XON XOFF terminal that can send text-files one line at a time.

The plotter may also be controlled using a cell-phone or tablet as explained in my instructable…

Extremely large drawings are possible due to the bluetooth design. The horizontal resolution is 8.78 steps per mm. The accuracy is excellent providing the omni-wheel rollers move freely and the motors resist each others push!

The estimated cost to build this plotter is less than $100 USD … the most expensive items being the omni-wheels, motors, and couplings.”

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