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In this instructable / video I will be making my designed homemade drill press with the model 775 motor. It’s speed will be controlled with the 10A PWM speed controller. Also I will provide key tests for you to decide if it is worth time and effort to make a tool like this.


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Main Tools You’ll Need:

Speed square
Soldering kit:
Main Materials You’ll Need:

Plywood 12mm (1/2) thickness
Plywood 18mm (3/4) thickness for the base
Drawer sliders 30cm (12inch)
Tension springs
Model 775 DC Motor or model 895 DC Motor (needs 12-24V 10A PSU)
Chuck 0.6-6mm
Bracket for 775 motor or for 895 motor
10A speed controller for 775 motor
20A speed controller for 895 motor
Closed 24V 5A power supply for 775 motor
Open 24V 10A power supply for 895 motor
Other Things You’ll Need:

Screws, bolts, washers, self-locking nuts, wood glue, wires.”

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