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Put Your SMD Parts on Standard Perfboard

Instructables is having an Electronic Tips and Tricks Contest now, so I thought I would share some of mine regarding the use of SMD parts and techniques on standard issue, single sided, good ole perfboard. Many of us more thifty types often find the parts to our creations out of old, broken, cheap electronics from all sorts of places. Of course in the modern age its pretty rare to see many, or any though hole components.

While you could break out the CAD and laser printer to make your own PCB’s, sometimes its a pain in the butt if you just want to wire something together and be done with it. The good news is that many SMD packages will fit on standard 0.1 inch perfboard with little hassle. Of course this does not cover all the possible SMD packages, but I hope it encourages you to try new ideas about getting these little packages of electronic goodness in your project.”

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