Thingspeak Temperature And Humidity App Using Esp8266

While tinkering with my electronic stuff, I got this idea to make web-based weather app. This web app uses the SHT31 sensor for getting the real-time temperature and humidity data. We have deployed our project on ESP8266 WiFi module. Online or offline! No need to worry, whether you are online or offline you will get the weather updates from anywhere and anytime. This web app posts data to the local web server as well as to cloud. For cloud operations, we are using ThingSpeak API. SHT31 uses I2C to get the data from the sensor.
SHT 31 is a Temperature and Humidity Sensors made by Sensirion. The SHT31 provides a high level of accuracy around 2% RH. Its Humidity range is between 0 to 100% and Temperature range is between -40 to 125 C. It is much more reliable and fast with 8 sec of Sensor response time. Its functionality includes enhanced signal processing and I2C compatibility. It has different modes of operations which makes it energy efficient.
In this tutorial, we have interfaced SHT 31 with Adafruit Huzzah board. For reading Temperature and Humidity values we have used ESP8266 I2C shield. This adapter makes all pins accessible to the user and offers user-friendly I2C environment.”


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