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In this experiment, I have designed an Optical Theremin using a 555 Timer IC. Here I’ll show you how to generate music (close to it :P ) without even touching the musical instrument. Basically this instrument is called as Theremin, originally constructed by a Russian scientist Lon Theremin.The original theremin used radio frequency interference caused by the movement of the player’s hand to change the pitch of the instrument. This optical theremin depends on the intensity of light that falls on a photoresistor which can be controlled by the movement of the player’s hand. I’ll try to explain the every stage of the circuit also. I hope you’ll love this practical implementation of Electronics which you would have studied in your college.
Don’t have Electronics components? OR You fear playing with electronics stuffs? Hey, No need to worry!
I have designed this whole circuit virtually on Tinkercad ( Check it out and play with electronics by designing actual stuff and also run them (simulation).”

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