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Ive built a few sound bending machines before (check out the links below to the ibles). This time I added a reverb and amp module which really gives you a whole new range of sounds to play around with. Plus, the voice recorder module used in the synth is pretty quiet without an amp so now you can really annoy the neighbours properly.
This is a relatively simple build and doesnt need any circuits to be made as I use 3 off-the-shelf modules and mash them together. There is some soldering that needs to be done but its not too difficult. Anyone who is new to circuits and wants to try their hand at this should check out my ible here.
The basis of this synth is a circuit bend sound recording module. You can control the speed of the sound recorded along with pause and re-start giving you the ability to control the sound. Next I added a reverb and echo module. This allows you to further control the sound and gives you more options with the sound effects. Lastly, I added an amp module so you can hear everything and also have volume control.”

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