About 71% of earth is covered with water, but sadly only 2.5% of it is drinking water. With rise in population, pollution and climate change, it is expected that by as soon as 2025 we will experience perennial water shortages. At one hand there are already minor disputes among nations and states for sharing river water on the other hand we as humans waste a lot of drinking water due to our negligence.

It might not appear big at the first time, but if your tap dripped a drop of water once every second it would take only about five hours for you to waste one gallon of water, that is enough water for an average human to survive for two days. So what can be done to stop this? As always the answer, for this, lies with improvement in technology. If we replace all the manual taps with a smart one that opens and closes on its own automatically not only we can save water but also have a healthier lifestyle since we don’t have to operate the tap with our dirty hands. So in this project we will build a Automatic Water Dispenser using Arduino and a Solenoid valve that can automatically give you water when a glass is placed near it. Sounds cool right! So let’s build one…”


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