20 Sided Lamp

I built this lamp with laser-cut 3mm plywood and colored layer paper. I tested several designs since I first though for a simple way to build a geodesic structure. This model is finally too small to test this furhter but I kept thas wooden structure with paper glued on it.

Each edge of the structure is a plywood stick with an angle wich allow the edge to group up against each other. I used a cad software to find that right angle : it is 121.718°.

My first idea was to hold each edge against the other with a collar. The difficulty was to find a core to keep alignement nice an redular. Since I was trying to get a structure as precise as possible to be able to glue paper on it, the tolerances were very slight.

I cut some pentagons in 5mm plywood. It is still to imprecise and difficult to align.

I tried some thermoforming plastic but I’ve been unable to find the right way to shape it. Molds I tried to make were imprecise and the plastic was not flexible enough to get through a kind of pentagonal syringe I built.

Tapering each contact edge is certainly a good way to go but it seemed difficult to get a precise result on such small parts.

The best results were obtained with 3mm screws.

Since it was difficult to put everything in place while the collar was not tight, I cut some tools to keep each part in place.”


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