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Hey all!!
In this tutorial, i will try to explain how to make an amplifier circuit known as Class AB Amplifier.There are a lot of amplifier circuits and have their circuit analysis methods as well. However, i will cover the only basic implementation of it with the two stages.
First stage consist of non-inverting amplifier circuit using Op-Amp. It is for the amplicitaion of small signal araound more than 20 times. However, we cannot drive any speaker with only non-inverting amplifier. In order to drive speaker, we have to build buffer circuit which provides sufficient current. In the second stage, i have used Class AB Amplfiier.
There are varity of Class amplifiers such as Class A,B,AB,C,D,….. Each of them have different advantages and disadvantages. I have choosen the AB.
Here also i have video about this project. You can have a look at this video and see how it worked.Note that : Video language is not in English , that is why i will try to explain important parts here as in English.”

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