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Sonoff Basic Rebuild to Low Voltage (12V)

Hello guys. Wouldn’ t it be nice sometimes to control all your appliences and all your stuff with a WiFi smart switch? But often you don’ t need to switch 230V AC. If you create a Short Circuit during wiring theres a risk of an electric shock - This can be very dangerous! I looked for a way to switch on/off my LED Strips using a Sonoff without switching 230V of the power supply. So in this Instructable I’m going to show you how to create your very own WiFi Smart Switch for voltages up to 35V DC using only a few components:
-1x Small PCB (I cutted a piece of a 2x8cm PCB)
-1x L7805 Voltage Regulator
-2x 103 (10nF) capacitor
-cables (I used 0.14mm)
-Some solder
-Soldering Iron
-Rotary Tool, but a cutter would also do the job as fine :)
So let’ s begin!
If you don’ t understand some steps, please feel free to ask and watch my YouTube Video!
Stay Creative! ;) ;D”

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