Add some life to your Halloween decorations! Using micro:bit + LEDs, and some spooky music! I did something similar last year using Arduino, but because of the limitations of some of the libraries, I needed to use two separate boards to combine the LEDs and music. Using Micro:bit allowed me to combine them all into one.
Watch video for more details:
What you need:
Pumpkin! Micro:bit - LED Strip - supply - (you can use the battery case that comes with micro:bit and some AAAs, but I usually power through the usb connection using a cell phone power bank) Speaker - -can use pretty much any speaker with two terminals or with a standard headphone jack. Alligator wires
Led Connectors: Wax paper Tape Paper clips Soldering Iron - Many of the connections in this guide can be made stronger by soldering for those who are interested in that approach.Disclaimer: All items linked above are through affiliate links.”


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