Controlling Servo Using MPU6050 Between Arduino and ESP8266 With HC-12

In this project, we are controlling the position of a servo motor using the mpu6050 and HC-12 for communication between Arduino UNO and ESP8266 NodeMCU.

It is another IoT project based on HC-12 RF-module. Here, the imu(mpu6050) data from arduino is used to control the servo motor (connected with Nodemcu). Here, the data visualization is also performed at arduino side where the mpu6050 pitch data(rotation about x-axis) is visualize with a processing sketch(discussed later). Basically this project is just a little warm up for remembering different aspects of Imu & Servo control with Arduino and ESP8266 nodemcu.


The objective of this pretty clear, We are controlling the position of Servo motor using the pitch value of IMU. And all together this pitch and synchronized motor position is visualized with Processing.”


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