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The PongMate CyberCannon Mark III is the newest and most advanced piece of beer pong technology to ever be sold to the public. With the new CyberCannon, any person can become the most feared player at the beer pong table. How is this possible? Well, the CyberCannon Mark III combines a state-of-the-art Launching System, Auxiliary FlightControl System, and Aiming Calibration System to ensure that each ping pong ball is shot with the highest possible accuracy. Here’s how it works:

The PongMate’s Launching System consists of a loading and shooting mechanism that was designed by top-level German and American engineers and guarantees maximum efficiency on the table. Load up the ball, press the button and shoot. The SG90 180 degree Servo will ensure that the ball is pushed accurately into position for an optimum shot. In order to make sure that you never run out of juice at the party and keep your streak going, the Launching System of the PongMate CyberCannon Mark III runs on not 2, not 4, but that’s right on 6 rechargeable AA batteries, clocking up to 9V and 6600 mA, to power both DC-Motors.

The Auxiliary FlightControl System utilizes state-of-the-art sensing and laser technology to calculate the optimal trajectory for the ping pong ball. With the help of the accelerometer and time of flight sensors, the PongMate CyberCannon Mark III can calculate the exact position of the user with respect to the target cup.

To visually guide the user to the correct shooting height and angle, the Aiming Calibration System is designed with a gravity level and 5 LED interface to ensure that the appropriate position has been achieved before launch.

The PongMate CyberCannon Mark III is not purely a technical piece of engineering. Thousands of hours of research were invested into the ergonomic design of the product. Hand stitched Italian Velcro straps are integrated into the solid timber baseplate and adjust to fit any arm size. A robust trigger handle is attached underneath the Auxiliary FlightControl System to provide a stable grip, even after a few pints of Stuttgart’s finest.

So, if you want to be good at beer pong, if you want to be on the winning team, and if you want to impress everyone at the party, then you need the PongMate CyberCannon Mark III, and you’ll never miss a shot again.”

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