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DIY Smart Home Upgrade: Turn Your IKEA Curtains Into Smart Blinds

With being active in home automation for the last 5 years, Ive by now (like most of you) automated all my lights and put temperature and humidity sensors on more places than strictly necessary. So, it only logical next step in my home automation journey is.. automating my curtains!
I quickly figured out that the off-the-shelf solutions are eitherexpensive,need chargingor simply dont exist for curtain rods. So the only logical step is to go the DIY route!

- IKEA Bekräfta curtain rod
- IKEA Betydlig wall bracket
- IKEA Syrlig curtain rings (to reduce the friction of the curtain)
- Curtains of your liking
- 12v, 5A power supply (to power the ESP and motors)
- LM2596S Step down converter (to power the ESP)
- 2x Nema 17 ~3–4 N. cm stepper motors (I tried with one, but that wasn’t powerful enough to perform at the speed I’d like)
- 1x ESP8266 such as the Wemos D1 Mini or NodeMCU
- 2x A4988 Stepper drivers
- 2x 100mF & 2x 10mF capacitator
- 2x GT2 16-tooth wheel bore (to use with the timing belt. I tried with a cable as well, but that would have insufficient grip)
- 5 meters timing belt
- 8x m3 bolts (to connect the stepper motor to the 3D print)
- 4x m5 bolts (to connect the stepper motor mount to the wall brackets)
- Cables to connect stepper motors (I used old network cables)
- Dupont cables

3D printer for:

- 1 timing belt clip,
- 2 stepper motor mounts
- 1 box for electronic
- 1 lid”

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