In this instruction, I will show you how I created a fully automated rotating platform from an IKEA Lazy Susan Kitchen Turntable. My goal was to build a device which can be controlled manually (with buttons), or automatically (by a program). The device is a good tool for different photo shootings, test measurements, can be used as a demonstration podium or as a funny serving table in the kitchen.
It is capable to do a complex preprogramed movement, set by the user with a software. For that, I created a windows PC software to set up the movements and give orders to the turntable. The device can work without a PC. It has three buttons, to do simple movements (rotate left/right and start/stop the program), but the full potential can be reached with the turntable control software. It can handle 8 different programs. In one movement cycle can be customized the speed, direction, duration, and repetition. The duration can be a specific time period or a number of steps, or it can rotate as long as it senses a magnet at the built-in hall sensor. If a magnet is placed in the right place on the table, when this magnet reaches the sensor, the rotation will stop. Every program type can be repeated as many times as it is needed.”


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