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Remotely Operated WEBCAM / Laser / Camera /flashlight

This is, basically, a 2 axis (azimuth/altitude or pan and tilt) cable or Wi-Fi controlled robot. Completely OPEN SOURCE (all the design files and control code are fully available for everyone to modify or adapt it to its needs) and with a 3D printed frame. It can hold: small cameras, laser pointers, flashlights, toy guns, a stick…. everything you want to move or point to. It has been designed with these premises in mind:

- Have to be easy to print and set-up
- Arduino compatible / Python code controllable
- With a smooth but fast movement
- Accurate
- Robust but portable
- Adaptable and easy to be modified

You can attach to it:

- Webcams
- Cameras
- Lasers
- flashlights
- ….”

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