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Responsive Soundbars for Speakers

Hi everyone,

On this Instructables, I will explain how I manage to add responsive soundbars to my Z200 Logitech speaker.
I think this project will work similarly on other types of speakers.
The main idea is to fix the sound bars in my direction, but also to power them permanently.
This project is non-destructive for the speakers, all can be disassembled invisibly. The soundbars are held to the speaker using magnets, so they can be easily removed for use elsewhere

Check the end result on my desk at the end of this Instructables.

To make the custom soundbars for your speaker you need :
- 1x superglue
- 1x flexible double-sided tape (at least 20mm wide)
- 2x soundbar (with the USB type C cable)
- In this Instructables, I got the rechargeable sound bar, but you can take the plug-in version
- 6x D6xH2 magnets
- 1x Z200 Logitech speakers
- 7x printing parts

Required tools :
- A soldering iron
- A 3D printer
- A glue gun
- Some screwdriver
- A cutter
- A pair of pliers
- A wire stripper

Optional tools :
- A Dremel
- A multimeter
- A 3r hand
- A vice”

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