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I made a breadboard-friendly breakout board for the ESP07 board so it can be used for prototyping ESP8266-based projects.

Hey, what’s up, everyone? So here’s something useful: a custom breakout board for using the ESP07 module for tinkering and testing.

This Custom Board differs from commonly available ESP boards in that it has vertical header pins that allow it to be installed vertically on a breadboard rather than horizontally.

This makes it easier to save pins, which is helpful while tinkering.

The ESP07S Module is an ESP8266-based module with the same internals as regular ESP12S or F modules used in NODEMCU Boards.

This article is about how this board was built and how to use it, so let’s get started.

Material Required
Following were the components used in this built-

- ESP07S Module
- Custom PCB
- 10k Resistors 0603 Package
- Blue and Red 0603 Package LED
- SMD tactile switch
- Vertical Header Pin CON20
- AMS1117 3.3V Version
- 1uF Capacitor 1206 Package
- 10uF Capacitor 1206 Package
- M7 Diode”

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