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Made a smart expansion board with help of an custom ESP07S Based PCB and few 3D Printed parts

Hello everyone, and today’s useful project is a SMART EXTENSION BOARD that can be utilized to switch two AC loads via a web app.
This project’s brains and brawn are really a custom board made of an ESP8266 board controlling two relays to switch two different loads.

The extension board was designed with AC sockets that are connected through the home automation board’s relays so that by toggling each relay, we can control the state of each load. I needed a smart switch for control two loads in my workplace.

I’ve created a DUAL RELAY home automation board in the past, which uses an ESP8266 to control two separate relays to switch two outputs or loads.

The XYZ equipment attached to two relays can be operated by the user by accessing the home automation device’s WEB PAGE and pressing the buttons.

This article is about the whole built process of the smart expansion board, so let’s get started with the built.

Materials Required
These were the materials used in this built-

- Home Automation Board from previous project
- 3D Printed parts
- AC Sockets
- Copper wire AC-rated.
- Extension cord
- USB Port
- 5V 2A SMPS salvaged from a smartphone charger”

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