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SCUTTLE™ is a modular, open-source robotics platform originating in a basement lab at Texas A&M, designed by “Makers” – students & engineering staff for a flexible, extensible, durable, and affordable platform to teach the Mobile Robotics Engineering course.

The SCUTTLE project was developed alongside teaching curriculum for the first course in Multidisciplinary Engineering degree program, opened up in 2018. We found no affordable solutions on the market which could meet the learning objectives including sensors, mechanical design, and software. To bridge the gap between the theory and practice, we kicked off the development of the SCUTTLE platform! We decided to share everything publicly to lower barriers of entry to robotics. We started an ecosystem for prototyping amongst hobbyists, companies, and academic institutions world-wide. The result of that effort is a robot with strong autonomous capability, IoT connectivity, and payload performance; backed by a supportive Open-Source Community and easily available design documentation.

The SCUTTLE design requires ZERO fabrication and to be sourced from parts available world-wide at low cost. All documentation to build your own SCUTTLE can be found through our site.”

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