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I2S(Inter-IC Sound) output FM tuner using ESP-01 with RDS and IR remote control. 100% pure digital music output at upto 48ksps. Enjoy!

ompared to yesterday, more and more things are moving towards digital! If the FM tuner is capable of delivering 100% pure digital music then why we need to restrict ourselves still listening in Analog? Let’s go digital!

In this project we will learn how to implement IR remote controlled I2S(inter-IC sound bus) output FM tuner with Radio Data System (RDS) using ESP-01.

We are all familiar with RRD-102 V.2 module and connection. We are also familiar with many Arduino libraries available to control the RRD-102 V.2 module. Most of the Arduino libraries comes with RDS information display using LCD or OLED. There are many IR remote control libraries available. There are many OLED and LCD libraries available for graphical and text display.

I am not going to discuss any of the above in details here.

There are many FM Tuner family of ICs with I2S digital output available from Silabs, Quintic, RDA Microelectronics, etc.,

For DIY enthu the deciding factors are different. Simple foot-print for easy and quick prototyping using bread board, easily available, BOM Cost and circuit complexity(few external components)

RDA Microelectronics FM tuners mainly available in MSOP10, SOIC8, SOP16 and QFN packages. Most of the SOP16 and QFN comes with I2S digital output support.

Since the internal I2C bus address and register organization remains the same, we can use any of the RDA FM tuner Arduino Library and are compatible across family including 5802, 5820 series.

All the SOP16 and QFN package ICs comes with 3 GPIO pins. These GPIOs can be set to High, Low or used to Interrupt generation. Please refer to datasheet for more details.

The basic connection and software are exactly same as conventional wiring except very few minor changes.”

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